Company type: Private   •   Size: 48,000 employees   •   Topic: Developing attention capacity

A national police force realizes that  attention quality is a vital capacity

We worked with the senior leaders of a national police force, including the heads of officers, counter-terrorism, secret service, mafia and gang control. Although they all agreed that gut instinct played a major role in their work, the requested a workshop to tap into that intelligence capacity in a more fine-tuned, conscious way.

“Mindfulness and awareness sharpens our attention”

Using a variety of movement-based methods, we explored how voices of judgment, cynicism and fear can get in the way of making better decisions. Embodied peer coaching then supported the leaders through situations where they were currently stuck. They experienced and practiced how shifting their attention capacity had the power to dramatically change outcomes.

“Tapping into our full body of intelligence”

Participants shared at the end of the day a profound sense of shock at how much insight they received from the movement peer coaching. They learned how to consciously shift their attention and awareness to various levels based on situational demands. One participant captured this by saying, “I experienced a total shift from complete skepticism about the power of embodiment to being completely convinced of its relevance. We need to be present in meetings, conversations and everyday from the whole body, and not just the mind."

Company type: Private   •   Size: 160 employees   •   Topic: Improving performance

A new team in a key financial institution is missing its identity.

A key financial institution underwent an internal restructuring with several departments now organized together under a new team name. Besides working for the same company, the departments had very little to do with one another. As a result the staff of 60 people reported feeling more loyal to their individual departments than the larger team. This creating silos and disconnect within the company.

“Common learning as common purpose”

In partnership with Hendrik Backerra Consulting, we designed and facilitated a 2-day offsite that weaved together learning and team development in a high-energy and fun way. Outdoor activities on the first day brought the group together to find its common purpose. Bonding and friendships emerged between individuals who had otherwise rarely spoken to one another. On the second day we tapped into the collective wisdom of the group. Through simultaneous break-out labs, participants learned, role-played and embodied skills around more efficient decision making, increased high performance in teams and how to use storytelling as a method for better presentations. 

“Coming together as one”

As a result the various departments found their new common identity. Silos were broken down and channels for communication opened. One participant said, “I realized that we all share the same struggles and can really benefit from reaching out to one another.” Another participant shared that, “I feel so much closer to the team and realize now that we are all working towards the same goal. Our top priority should be the success of the company and not that of our individual departments.”