LeadershiP Journeys


A international commercial bank needs to integrate a new leadership model

The Paris headquarters of one of Europe’s largest commercial banks developed a new leadership model. However, it wasn’t adjusted for cultural differences and consequently met with initial resistance in Germany and Austria.

“Cultural adjustment” 

MOVE Leadership was brought in to help customise the program design so that participants could engage to their fullest. Working with videos and other highly-engaging formats, we were able to squeeze the essence out of the leadership model while fully integrating it within the local German and Austrian context.

“Embodying the model” 

The series of workshops in both Germany and Austria engaged the managers intellectually and emotionally. They developed an understanding of how to use team spirit, role-modeling, ethics, communication, customer-focus and vision to deal with team challenges. The workshop pushed them to develop their own leadership style and left them inspired and connected to the larger leadership team.

A global strategy consulting firm's leaders need to learn how to work with their strengths and weaknesses

A group of up-and-coming leaders within a large international strategy consulting firm joined us for a 2-day leadership development workshop. While many of them knew how to develop their strengths, they nonetheless struggled with how to improve the weaker sides of their leadership. 

"Embodied leadership as a fundamental skill "

The workshop used a variety of solo, paired and group embodied methodologies to create space for greater awareness, presence, groundedness, and listening capacity. Participants used insight from the movement practices to coach one another and brainstorm solutions to their leadership issues. 

“Concrete take-aways and learning”

Participants walked away with many insights and next-steps regarding their leadership approach towards topics like team motivation, values, delegation, and time-management. One participant’s take-away was that, “This workshop allowed me to rethink why I am so concerned with ‘looking busy’ rather than necessarily doing what’s best for the team and project.” Another shared that, “When exploring how to stay, relaxed, present and aware during difficult conversations, rather than getting stressed as I usually do, I realised that I can use silence to keep mindful of my own inner condition.”