Steven Tallman

Bain and Company

VP of Global Operations

"Daniel co-created two leadership retreats focused on Innovation for my top executives. He brought both creativity and a wealth of ideas to the program design and, as a facilitator, my teams found him responsive, safe, and a great listener. He empathically guided us to identify our barriers and limitations, and also demonstrated why and how we must go beyond them."

Sue           Cheshire

Global Leaders Academy

Founder & CEO

"Daniel is the alchemist for leaders. His work should be openly embraced by any firm looking to increase the well-being and relations of its employees as part of a larger initiative toward company growth and business development."

Giles         Hutchins

The Nature of Business

Author & Speaker

“Daniel works to help leaders and managers access their natural aliveness so they can relate in more conscious, authentic ways. This enables them to be more receptive and responsive to change and helps improve creativity, problem solving, morale, sense of purpose, cooperation, innovation and resilience throughout the organization.”