Company type: Private   •   Size: 7000 employees   •   Topic: Innovation inspiration

A global strategy company's organizational culture is blocking its innovation

A successful global strategy consulting company knew that if it was going to get ahead of the competition it would need to leapfrog them in both mindsets and behaviors. However, when challenged to innovate many employees protested that the company’s culture of zero tolerance for failure prevented them from being able to do so.

“Inspiring change from the top-down”

Partnering with the company’s Chief Operations Officer, MOVE co-designed and facilitated a 2-day workshop outside of Boston for the 15 senior global operations leaders and then a 5-day innovation retreat in the heart of NYC for the top 55 senior leaders. The participants were taken on a journey to learn how to suspend and change their habits and thinking. They practiced deeply listening and connecting with others around them. They met with startups, NGO’s and corporates outside their industry to gain new inspiration from unexpected sources. Through experiential exercises they learned about design thinking and agile experimentation and through embodiment sessions connected with their own sense of purpose, vision and future possibility.

“Prototypes for stepping into the future”

The experience left the participants motivated and at times even moved to tears. The leaders’ connection with one another inspired new ways of working, integrating “fail early fail often” as a necessary part of the innovation process. Their experience of the larger context and systemic interconnection gave them new insight and perspective on their own work. Post workshop they have incorporated agile ways of managing projects that increase the flow of ideas, prototypes and products for their customers.

Company type: Private   •   Size: 20 employees   •   Topic: Addressing innovation roadblocks

The potential for a group of entrepreneurs is limited due to invisible group norms

A group of food entrepreneurs were on a year-long journey intended to support them in discovering breakthroughs in food related production, science, business and sales. However, certain invisible dynamics and norms within the group were holding them back from reaching their greatest innovation potential.

“Revealing the limiting underlying dynamics”

MOVE engaged the participants in a day of introspective reflection in order to understand existing culture and beliefs within the group. As a result the community began to see itself and its behavior patterns as if from the outside. These experiences allowed them to safely speak about the opportunities and challenges of the group. At one point, one member shared that during the movement exercise she noticed a tendency to shepherd back to the group anyone who strayed too far away. She realized that in their daily work this unchecked behavior was actually preventing members from experimenting with new terrain and ideas.

“Empowering with new practices”

As a result of their insights the group has continued regularly using tools from our session during every one of their meetings. They have become committed to surfacing and dealing with any limiting mindsets or behaviors. This has allowed the group to share and connect more openly with one another, raise concerns when necessary and maintain a field of open curiosity that stimulates innovation and creativity in their work.