Company type: Public   •   Size: 44,000 employees   •   Topic: Sustainable future planning

A global production company considers Short-term profits versus long-terms sustainability

One of the world’s largest cement production companies was looking into its longer-term future and considering a number of options. Digitalization, customer focus and growing pressure for sustainable, eco-friendly building materials were on the minds of the top global leadership team.

“Real innovation starts at the periphery of our attention”

To shed more light and possibility on their challenge, we met in London with the global senior leadership team and challenged them to let go of habitual, downloaded thinking patterns in order to innovate or notice new trends. Participants learned and practiced how to extend their attention to where real disruption and innovation takes place and related to the company’s current and future reality. 

“Leadership is about shifting attention to what really matters”

Our time with the client left them surprised, reflective and energised. The information they harvested confronted them with hard truths about the company’s strained relationship to its staff, ignorance of marginalised local communities and disconnect with the future of sustainable cities. However, it also revealed the power they have to make changes in their ecosystem. As a result they realized that the future of their business would include more than just concrete and cement, with new sustainable materials now playing a key role in their strategy. 

Company type: Private   •   Size: 100 employees   •   Topic: Communication and strategic planning

A global sports community struggles to step out of the shadows of past mistakes

A global community of sports champions organised the first global sports event for their community of athletes. While this cross-disciplinary event was by many standards a success, there were also errors, miscommunications and even a tragic fatality. This left many now feeling critical of getting involved with planning another such international sports event.

“Coming together to see together”

The event's organisers asked a collaboration between MOVE Leadership and Matthias Müller-Lindenberg Leadership Advisors to help them bring the community together and learn the necessary lessons from the past. Our intake interviews revealed that the group consisted of experts who often disagreed with one another. In some cases they outright disrespected the decisions that their colleagues had made. 

“Learning from the past to build for the future”

Through our designed and facilitated 3-day offsite in Switzerland barriers between individuals began to subside as they connected and listened to each other. They engaged in deep dialogue and learning around important mistakes from the past. As a result a shared vision of the future started to emerge. Despite looming obstacles and challenges, the group united behind the organisers in support of hosting another international event.