Daniel Ludevig is the founder of MOVE Leadership. His expertise lies in facilitating deep conversations for organizations and systems using a cutting-edge embodiment and creativity approach to address transformational change around culture, communication and strategy. Daniel brings together insights from the systemic change “Theory U” and his own movement methodology to support individuals and organizations through the discovery of their own inner wisdom and intuition and to use that to make better decisions. His teachings and facilitations emphasize change transformation through topics like deep listening, leading and following, mindfulness and awareness, innovation, creativity and system dynamics. He also stands at the forefront of the “applied-arts in business” field by balancing left-brain business consulting with right-brain embodied technology. As such he works with companies and conferences worldwide addressing difficult communication, conflict-resolution, leadership development and culture transformation by partnering CEO’s, top-management and employees and integrating profound learning from dance, movement, sculpture building and other art forms.

Daniel’s skillfulness is evident in his deeply provocative questions as well as his capacity to listen to the greatest potential and wisdom of his clients and their organizations. His deeply grounded and embodied approach provides a fresh and alternative perspective on classic issues faced by every organization. His own involvement with the arts (a classical pianist and professional swing dancer) along with his degrees in psychology and economics provide him with a range of practices, principles and methods with which he co-creates and accompanies his clients’ learning journeys.

Daniel has a powerful and clear communication style that is both detailed and spacious. Evident in his work is a strong belief that business and society can co-create a beautiful and desirable future. He facilitates and speaks with high-energy, presence and humor.

Daniel works with international and local organizations ranging from banks, power companies and leading product companies, to non-profits, conferences, police departments and leadership groups. He has worked with companies from around the world in over 20 countries spanning across 4 continents. He is a member of the AACORN network and certified in Barrett Values Assessment and Hogan Assessment tools. He is also a teacher and practitioner of Social Presencing Theater and a junior facilitator within MIT’s Presencing Institute.

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Daniel Ludevig

Founder & Director

Sue Cheshire


Sue Cheshire has a clear life’s soul purpose of working with leaders and their organizations to enrich lives through the raising of individual consciousness and developing personal mastery.  Her deep belief is to build the union between conscious leadership and sound commercial acumen; building organizations that are not only profitable but are truly agents of world benefit. Her lifelong passion is to awaken the business world to the opportunities and challenges facing the planet and to explore authentic ways to operate and lead with “ethics, inspiration and the bottom line”.

She is the Founder and MD of the Global Leaders Academy  - a community of CEOs and leaders holding conversations that matter and inspiring right action.  She was also  the Co Founder and MD of The Academy for Chief Executives which she led for 12 years.  In 2002 she co-founded Leaders Quest; a not for profit, taking leaders to some of the most challenging regions of the world to experience humanity in the deepest sense and to distil the leadership lessons that we need to amplify.

Her deep experience and passion for CEO coaching, business excellence and leading peer group learning in powerful circles over 25 years, inspires her own continuous transformation and has led to her pioneering many new models and methodologies for developing the type of leadership that the world is currently calling for.

Sue has a degree in Psychology and is accredited in many different models of business coaching and personal/organizational transformation. She has served executives from major multinational companies, including HSBC, Nike, Cisco Systems, Boston Consulting Group, AXA, Dresdner Bank, Abertis and Rolls Royce.

Jamie Anley


Jamie Anley is a husband, father, brother and son; he graduated with a BSC in architecture from The Bartlett at University College London in 1995. He went straight on to co-found JAM Design and Communications Ltd with partners Astrid Zala and Mathieu Paillard.

JAM has a respected history for creating imaginative and innovative output across a multitude of different project areas.  JAM has worked on some of the most avant-garde projects in: innovation, product and interior design, retail and bespoke brand environments, exhibitions and experience design.  Jamie also works as a creative catalyst, leading and facilitating innovation and transformation in a number of industries and business’s.

JAM’s work has pioneered a new relationship between brands and contemporary culture, using creativity as a catalyst for transformation.  As a result JAM’s work is featured in numerous books, galleries and museums, frequently televised, and often in lifestyle and design magazines. Jamie is often found working with large brands to identify their purpose and animate this in an inspiring way.

Jamie is also active as an entrepreneur; having recently launched a drinks brand Green & Pleasant, and currently bringing adventure experiences to urban environments through rooftop, high ropes courses.

Imke Wangerin


Imke Wangerin’s passion is to support people in realizing their potential by aligning their body and their mind. As a former competitive gymnast she realized early on in here life how much influence our body and our subconscious have on our success and our quality of life. For the last 8 years she has professionally been a top trainer for leadership, communications, and intercultural management having worked for example in Brazil, Italy, Germany, UK. Imke has become an expert in congruence and authenticity and also formed her own company called congruence. Imke has been constantly developing new approaches in utilizing the body or embodiment experiences to overcome obstacles or reach new goals. Her coachees are mostly managers and entrepreneurs. Describing themselves often as people who are very smart and mind-focused and who drive things home with their willpower they value that Imke has shown them completely new territory to build their skills and realize their potential and thereby become even more successful in their job while being more able to enjoy every moment. She combines this approach with mindfulness approaches from meditation and Yoga to help people center themselves particularly in stressful situations. She has been certified as an Integrative Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Intercultural Trainer and as a Yoga Alliance Yoga teacher. Imke holds an MA from Berlin’s Humboldt University, has published a book on cultural assimilation and several articles on coaching and leadership. She has grown up in the UK and lived in Germany, Italy, Brazil, Israel and South Africa. Today she lives in Berlin on her houseboat and a flat constantly aiming to enhance the congruence in her own life.

While Hendrik completed his studies in Industrial Engineering (TU Berlin), he discovered his passion for the personal side of change.  He continuously deepens his knowledge of human development through numerous intensive coaching educations e.g. NLP Master, Newfield Network (ontological coaching), Gita Bellin (Transformation), Spiral Dynamics, The Leadership Circle, Integral Enlightenment. This gives him the ability to react flexibly and professionally to coachees’ needs.  His passion lies in assisting others to discover their untapped leadership potential and develop impacting new behaviors which create game changing shifts and significant performance enhancements in their respective fields. He has published four books in the field of self motivation and creativity.

Since 2000 he has been a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and led the Chapter of Berlin 2004-2005. From 2006-2010 he worked for McKinsey Mindset & Capability Group as expert for organizational development before founding his own consulting company, Hendrik Backerra Consulting, for cultural transformation and top-team development. He works continuously  with a range of organizations, including  several global banks, industry multinationals and service organizations.

Hendrik Backerra


Francis Briers has been a workshop leader for over 10 years in a variety of settings from public workshops to corporate and organizational training, to education. He loves finding ways to support people to be more of who they really are, to find that constant heart of their being and to nurture it and challenge it to grow and blossom. This feeds into his approach to leadership development which is that we don't need leaders who know more, we need leaders who are more. Francis is a presence expert. He has spent the last 19 years studying in a range of disciplines where presence – the embodied experience of the world as it is – is key to effectiveness and success. While Presence is not something which can be forced to occur, it is possible to create the circumstances in our bodies which make a present orientation more likely. From his background in personal development, performing arts, bodywork and martial arts Francis has developed a unique approach to training people to embody these conditions. He has a range of organizational experience including front-line management, Learning and Development, and designing and delivering coaching programs. He has certification in Appreciative Inquiry and in 2009 he became the first (and currently only) person in the UK to be certified to facilitate the Samurai Game®. Francis is a graduate of one of the UK’s top drama schools and holds a 3rd Dan black belt in Karate. As a martial artist he has a focus in his practice and teaching on dynamic meditation and how structural integrity builds moral integrity.

Francis Briers